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Advanced Security Services for Home and Commercial Purposes

Otto Security are providers of professional security services in Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Caledon, and Vaughan. They provide residential, commercial, and business-based services in all these locations. We, at Otto Security, cater to all the security needs of the residents of Brampton ranging from alarms to security cameras and automatic gates.

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Services for Our Clients

Otto Security offers its clients numerous services including Home Automation, Commercial Surveillance, Security Systems, Automatic Gates, Internet, Power and Gas. For years, individuals and businesses have relied on our company and trusted in the products and services we offer.

  • As we provide video surveillance in both residences and offices, the cameras in the residential category provide access to doorbell cameras, indoor cameras and open-air cameras, customers in the commercial category can use their mobile phone to test live feed from any location in the world. In the official buildings, cameras are fixed inside the offices or outside the premises. This helps in keeping an eye on the activity inside the office and the visitors (wanted or unwanted) who enter the office premises.
  • We provide Home Automation services 365 days a year and 24×7. The services provided are customized as per the needs of the clients. Once installed, the customers can set their rules and be alerted by an alarm or notification when a rule is violated. Besides this, you also have features that will allow you to lock your home gates from your mobile phone as your home is connected to your mobile device be it Android or iOS.
  • Otto Security provides complete programmed administration of electrical entrances including layout, development, establishment, and mechanization.
  • With an access passage system, we can organize your entryways, get to the control framework or get to the framework biometric. We also offer repairs, administration and maintenance of electric doors. We have our own dedicated computerization and development laboratory and can provide steel, aluminum and wood entrances. We use creativity in creative, top-notch technology, BFT, FAAC, and CAME door robotization to design and implement the very best systems.

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