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Next-Level Security Systems for Residential and Business Purposes

We, at Otto Security, are a group of professionals having the right skills to provide security solutions to the residents and businesses of not only Mississauga but also Brampton, Oakville, Caledon, and Vaughan. We provide for electronic security, fire protection, and alarm monitoring systems to our clients. Our services include Home Automation, Commercial Security, Security Cameras, and Automatic Gates.

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Services for Our Clients

Otto Security provides various services to its clients which include Home Automation, Commercial Security, Security Cameras, Automatic Gates, Internet, Power and Gas. Under the Security Cameras category, we provide residential as well as commercial services. Individuals and companies have been relying on our company for years, and confiding on the products we offer.

  • While cameras in the residential category provide access to the doorbell cameras, indoor cameras, and open air cameras, in the commercial category clients can check live feed of a certain location sitting anywhere in the world using their mobile phone.
  • Every family or house needs a customized solution. Otto Security provides these solutions 365 days a year. The clients can set up their rules and be notified whenever an alarm goes off breaking those rules. The clients can be notified on their mobiles and remain in charge.
  • An interesting feature we provide is Home Automation. Forgot locking a door and went to a distant location? Lock it from your mobile phone as Otto Security has your home connected to your mobile device – Android or iOS.
  • Find the right automated gate checks and plan your scheduled entrance frame with the latest revolutionary featuring smart control, top-notch monitoring camera, GSM and electrical engine for your intrigue. Our expert group will make the ideal door for you and your needs.

Besides, we also provide our clients with Wi-Fi, and Power and Gas services. Even if the Power and Gas rates vary from time to time in the market, you will pay according to the contract you have with Otto Security.

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