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Commercial and Residential Security Services in Oakville

We, at Otto Security, in Oakville cater to the security needs of its residents and businesses. The services we offer are capable of transforming your home into a smart home and an office into a smart office powered by automation devices and systems. We offer security devices such as Cameras, automated gates, and other security systems./>

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Services for Our Clients

We, at Otto Security, offer various security enabled services to our clients to meet their protection demands. Some of our services include:

  • Home Automation: The home automation device places your whole house in the palm of your hand. With only one application, you can deal with all facets of your shrewd home system from anywhere without much of a break. As a major aspect of our system, element auto-acclimates to your favorite settings when you’re home and rearranges when you leave, to save vitality. It has a main indoor camera with genuine bidirectional correspondence. The one-contact callout button gives your mobile phone an immediate connection to the individuals at home.
  • Home Security: Check your system status from anywhere, and view late action at home. Give every client a one-size-fits-all application, then see who enabled or disabled the program, and when. You can disable codes from your PC or tablet within minutes.
  • Security Cameras: These come in two versions i.e. Residential and Commercial. Using the flexible Otto Security system, you can get from all over the globe to your doorbell camera, indoor cameras and open-air camera. Check what’s happening everywhere any time in a split second, test live feed from your telephone’s HD surveillance camera while you’re away. In the case of Commercial Cameras, we offer a wide range of fixed dome models for indoor and outdoor use, covering any kind of day and night condition. Fully illuminated fixed projectile cameras are all mounted at an exceptional cost straight out of the case.
  • Automated Gates: Programmed electrical entrances are a vital part of an integrated protection and access control system under which vehicles and people on foot can be monitored. Otto Security provides complete programmed administration of electrical entrances including layout, development, establishment, and mechanization.

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