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Otto Security – Ensuring Secure Life to Residents and Businesses Alike

Otto Security is a provider of security services in Vaughan, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton and Caledon. Some of the services that Otto Security provides include alarm control systems, home automation, industrial safety, security cameras and automatic gates. We, at Otto Security, are an ADT Authorized Dealer for residential as well as commercial projects. We cater for all forms of business and deliver automation systems that take the business protection to the next level.

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Securing Our Clients’ Interests

For our clients, we provide various security options to keep them safe whether at home or at their business. To begin with we offer Home Automation to the residents of Vaughan.

  • Otto Security comes with a great tech-savvy home application section from where you can monitor all of your home security and computer gadgets from a straightforward interface anywhere! Create alarms, review live video streams, adjust the temperature and all along with a trouble-free Android and iOS device accessibility.
  • These days a home security camera installation is an integral part of any home or company. The CCTV cameras are ensuring your property is guarded with increasing violations and theft. We, at Otto Security offer the best CCTV camera services available. Our professional and experienced home security camera architects will help you set up sensible home surveillance camera frameworks, business surveillance camera frameworks, CCTV framework update, home security camera administration, remote CCTV camera setup, video monitoring institutions, and home security camera fixing for mortgage holders, businessmen, and landowners.
  • With Otto Security, you can capture every minute of every day, high quality, nonstop chronicle on the off chance you’ll ever need to audit a far ranging record of activity across your house. Our quality services are designed to allow you to take care of your home and family-in any case.
  • By clicking one pick, our electric openers will give you just what you need to open and close your entrance without exertion. We ‘re going to send you the best item on the market and match it to your entrance precisely to fix your spending and issues strategy.

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