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Otto Security – Providing a Secure Life in Caledon

Otto Security, in Caledon, provides security services These services are offered as residential, industrial, and commercial services in Caledon, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton and Vaughan.At Otto Security, we cater to all the security needs of our clients that begin with alarms and can go up to CCTV’s.

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Serving Security to Our Clients

Otto Safety, the monitoring platform and organization of video analysis, empowers its clients to obtain noteworthy information from CCTV camera observation systems, and prevent losses with unique CCTV camera and video surveillance platforms. What we have done with the new enhancements to engineering is that we have made your perfect “Smart & Secure home!” Otto Security is committed to make every part of your life ever more successful! We have designed the perfect automation system that is linked to everything you need so that you will have total control over the protection of your home. Some of our applications are:

  • Home Automation: For maximum surveillance, using cameras, we can keep an eye both inside and outside your home and keep you secure and safe from thefts.
  • Commercial Security: We control your office premises remotely at various locations and maintain 100 percent protection even in your absence, keeping track of all the events that are taking place in your workplace. Here we make use of Security cameras that are fixed into some corner within the office or even outside it to prevent the entry of unauthorized personnel into your office.
  • Security Cameras: Check out our wide range of residential, industrial, and commercial surveillance cameras and review live video feeds 24/7 to see what’s going on in your home or company.
  • Automatic Gates: Manage and track automatically who enters and departs from the office gate to get an idea of all guests and visitors entering the office premises.

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